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Герои меча и магии 7 / Might and Magic Heroes VII: Deluxe Edition [v 1.80] (2015) PC | RePack от xatab

Жанр: Strategy, Turn-based, Tactical, RPG
Разработчик: Limbic Entertainment
Издатель: Ubisoft
Тип издания: RePack
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский
Язык озвучки: Русский, Английский
Таблетка: Вшита (CODEX)

✔ Операционная система: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1 (only 64 bit)
✔ Процессор: Intel Core i5 660 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2 GHz
✔ Оперативная память: 4 GB RAM
✔ Видеокарта: nVidia GeForce GTX460 or AMD Radeon HD5850 (1024 MB VRAM)
✔ Звуковая карта: Звуковое устройство, совместимое с DirectX® 9.0с 
✔ Свободное место на жестком диске: 13 GB

Сюжет Героев VII повествует о кровавой войне, которая привела к смене правящей династии Священной Империи. После смерти императрицы страна полыхает в пламени раздора: многочисленные противники сражаются за трон. В это время герцог Иван созывает шесть доверенных советников. Этот совет призван помочь ему выбрать правильный путь, чтобы положить конец войне за престолонаследие. Меч и Магия Герои VII – это триумфальное возвращение знаменитой серии пошаговых стратегий. Отправляйтесь в незабываемое путешествие в мир фэнтези с потрясающим сюжетом и пошаговой ролевой системой!

Особенности игры:
  » Исследуйте и покоряйте чарующий мир Асхана 

  » Мудро используйте свои ресурсы 

  » Возглавьте армию легендарных существ 

  » Развивайте многочисленные способности своего героя и получайте мощнейшие артефакты.


Особенности репака:
  » Ничего не вырезано | Ничего не перекодировано

  » Игровые архивы не распакованы.

  » Пропатчено до версии v. 1.8-build 37786

  » DLC: Pre-Order Pack, Deluxe Edition Pack (Necropolis, Stronghold) "The Lost Tales of Axeoth"

  » Добавлено дополнение "The Lost Tales of Axeoth: Every Dog Has His Day"

  » Все пути реестра сохранены.

  » Время установки ~ 12 минут

  » Repack от xatab

  » Смена языка в меню настроек игры в любом сочетании.

  » Релиз проверен на Windows 7 (64) и Windows 10 (64)


Особенности патча v 1.8:

[Implemented] The Lost Tales of Axeoth: Every Dog Has His Day. 

[Fixed] If a magic guild is prebuilt in a town, the player can`t set its specialization.
[Fixed] Pathfinding ability and Pathfinder specialization.
[Fixed] In some campaigns, players can get stuck when spamming ESC during ed scenes.
[Fixed] Warcry abilities would not upgrade the icon frame of the corresponding warcry in the spellbook.
[Fixed] Unresolved text placeholder in the tooltips of the Onslaught ability and the upgraded Engage warcry.
[Fixed] Display of pink border showing on Necropolis town screen with certain graphic settings.
[Fixed] Skull Ring effect.

[Implemented] Pending Caravans now show up in the recruitment window until they depart at the end of your turn.
[Implemented] Altars and Seals now show up on the minimap.
[Implemented] Caravans arrived at a Fort but not unloaded, can now be accessed and unloaded manually. 
[Improved] The random Skilling Popup has been overhauled.

Added Wait action to the Combat AI
Added Caravan handling for the Adventure AI - the AI will now try (if available) to supply their main fighting heroes with a caravan-based supply chain
Adjusted AI scoring for the Adventure AI - it now tries to be more proactive about gathering pickups and generally also engaging the player in combat more
Adjusted AI money management for the Adventure AI - reprioritised the order in which AI purchases buildings/heroes/units
Adventure AI now uses Forts and external Dwellings more readily
Fixed smaller numerous bugs with AI scoring

[Fixed] A bug where the game would go out of synch when deploying more then 7 stacks in combat [Fixed] A visual bug where the resource income would be incorrectly displayed.
[Fixed] A bug where the hero got deselected at the start of a new turn.
[Fixed] A bug where the game gets stuck when the AI attacked an empty town.
[Fixed] A bug where the player could multiply creature stacks under certain conditions when using auto merge button in town.
[Fixed] A bug that caused a game crash sometimes when pressing "spectate" after losing a game.
[Fixed] A bug that caused the game to go Out of synch sometimes when a hero died.
[Fixed] A bug where the language of the AI player was incorrectly displayed.
[Fixed] A visual bug where the camera clipped through the healing tent.
[Fixed] A visual that caused the town screen to shake.
[Fixed] A bug where the game gets stuck when pressing auto combat shortly before the victory animation.
[Improved] Made Duel Multiplayer sessions more stable.
[Implemented] You are now no longer able to join session for which you don't have the map downloaded.

Level Design
Stronghold Map 2
[Fixed] An issue that players could teleport to town before fighting Jengo in the Ritual Fight.
[Fixed] An issues with Cutscenes preventing the player from ending his turn while running.
Stronghold Map 3
[Fixed] An issue that AI does not want to go through the portal, and therefore leading to the player not being able to end the map.
Dungeon Map 2
[Fixed] An issue that led the player to be stuck when spamming ESC during a Cutscene.
Dungeon Map 3
[Fixed] An issue with the quest 'The price of Friendship' not being completed as the player is unable to reach the quest objective.
Scenario Timber Wars
[Fixed] An issue that triggered the defeat under wrong condition.

Object Properties
[Fixed] Capped Fog of War revealing radius properties to 300 to avoid crashes in the game.
[Fixed] Properties were only saved when the map was saved as well for Towns, Forts, Garrisons and Hero Armies.
[Fixed] Clicking on the Landscape does not open an empty window anymore.
[Fixed] Changes are not saved when closing the Property Window
[Fixed] Scroll feature from numeric box, to avoid that values are accidentally changed when scrolling through the Property Window.

Dragon Utopia/Elemental Forge Properties
[Fixed] Editor crashes on removing Reward Item.

Merchant Properties
[Fixed] Editor crashes after deleting a 'RewardData' from Merchant building properties

Magic Menagerie/Elemental Conflux Properties
[Fixed] "Allowed Factions for Recruitment" option.

Battle Site properties
[Implemtented] Options to define Resources and specific Artefacts as rewards.

Hero Properties
[Fixed] A crash when assigning a hero to a creature army with an unset warfare unit.
[Implemented] Increased level cap from 30 to 999.

Town Properties
[Fixed] No Scroll Bar present in the general tab.
[Fixed] The Govenor and the Garrision could not be removed once assigned.
[Implemented] A Tooltip when the Govenor list is empty, explaining that hero armies from the player need to be present on the map.
[Implemented] Sculpt Ground option.
[Implemented] Moved Garrison to its own tab.

Fort Properties
[Implemented] Local Guard Tab.

Map Properties
[Fixed] Custom player names not correctly displayed. If your map is affected, you need to open the Map Properties, click OK and then save the map.
[Fixed] The Editor crashes if the underground layer is destroyed on the auto-save pop-up.
[Implemented] Increased level cap from 30 to 999.

Chest Properties
[Removed] 'ResourceAmounts' option.

AI settings
[Implemented] AI tab to Town Properties.
[Implemented] AI ignore setting to Armies and Buildings.
[Implemented] AI border control setting to Armies.
[Implemented] AI stay in Area of Control setting to Armies.

[Fixed] Debug text is displayed on using the action 'Add/Remove/Set Hero EXP' in the map to subtract hero EXP.
[Fixed] Editor does not save if the map name contains spaces
[Fixed] Speaker and Position properties are disabled when creating new dialogue lines
[Fixed] Empty Hero list in 'Hero touches Cell Trigger' action.
[Implemented] Custom Heroes into Editor Hero list.
[Implemented] Added proper councillor names to the SpeakerType selection of dialogue lines.
[Implemented] Increased level cap from 30 to 999 in "Hero reached level" action.
[Improved] Renamed actions "Win/Lose Map" to "Win/Lose Game" and moved them from the "Quest" category to the "Game" category to make them easier to find.
[Improved] Renamed action "Cell Event" to "Hero touches Cell Trigger" to make its function and connection to the Cell Triggers placed on the map more obvious.

Unreal Editor
[Fixed] Editor cannot be launched after switching Renderer to DirectX 11.
[Fixed] Editor crashes after selecting 'Replace SkeletalMeshActors' from Unreal Editor.

Campaign Editor
[Fixed] Editor crashes after following certain steps and saving the campaign from the campaign tool.

Layer Tools
[Fixed] Selected combat map name doesn't save after the user hits create.
[Fixed] Area of Control, Combat Map Areas and Passability do not open in Layertool when user accesses them from Menu Bar.
[Fixed] Improper appearance of Academy Bridge observed when used in the map.
[Fixed] Improper appearance of Cartrographer and Fortune Teller when the user drags these buildings onto the map.
[Improved] Moved Town/Fort Connection Label to the top.
[Fixed] Battle Sites "Elemental Forge" and "Dragon Utopia" do not have any combat music when encountered
[Fixed] loss of background music after returning from a Battle Site combat
[Fixed] that combat map specific ambient sounds do not play if music is muted in the options
[Fixed] that combat map specific ambient sounds continued to play on the adventure map after battle

Разбиваем на 3xDVD5:
 1-DVD5: autorun.inf, setup.exe, data.bin 

 2-DVD5: data1.bin 

 3-DVD5: Redist/* data2.bin data3.bin

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